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Jump King Workshop Documentationrelcan

This is an in-depth documentation for creating custom levels, skins and sets on Jump King.

What's new


Fixed Right wind gradients color text (thanks to .Gotch(ごっち)!)

Added vertical scrolling images!


Updated status from beta to release candidate.

Updated all pages distinguishing Worldsmith steps to non-Worldsmith steps.
Removed particles page to redistribute content between the Screens and Blocks page.
Added step-by-step guides (with images) on everything that has been implemented on Worldsmith.

Added step-by-step guide on how to create a level and skin in the first steps.
Distinguisting Worldsmith steps to non-Worldsmith steps.
Updated publishing and updating pages to add Worldsmith guide.
Added Worldsmith to the list of tools.


Added the Mod Making documentation (thanks to PhantomBadger!)

Fixed minor details in Props, Screens and First steps on level and skins (thanks to Cloudy!)

Released as part of the open beta

The current documentation is currently not complete and it could be subject to variation, since Jump King is back in active development. Any further modification of the documentation will be listed above.


On the left side of your screen you can find the table of contents, from there you can navigate to all the different details you might need. If you ever need something specific, you can use the search bar up top your screen to find what you need.

Getting started

Head over in the Getting started page to get started on your journey!